What is VIZI?

VIZI is the platform uniquely designed to improve the bottom line of the hospitals and avoid losses on account of shortage, excess, and expiry of medical supplies. VIZI uses AI and ML technologies to project the stock quantities that a hospital should purchase thereby helping them buy supplies in right quantities and save costs.

For what period I can get an estimate?

VIZI provides projections for all three - weekly, monthly and yearly.

Is there any limit on number of SKUs for which I can do the prediction?

There is no limit on number of SKUs. You can project for hundreds to several lacs of medical supplies.

How do I upload my data?

One way to upload is manually. You have to login to VIZI, then upload your consumption data in a Microsoft Excel file format after which our application will take over.

Another way is through an API, where VIZI will directly access your Hospital Management System (HMS) and pull the relevant data for the stock projections. Don't worry, in this case, VIZI will only access the data which you will allow it to do so.

You can download the Microsoft Excel format from the VIZI tool as well.

How much time will it take to get the results?

Our efficient algorithm take at max 30 minutes for your projections

Will I be able to download the projections?

Yes, all projection files are downloadable.

How will I get to know that my projection is ready?

You will get a notification via email/SMS

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is safe with us. There is no third-party accessibility