Vizi Benefits

Unleashing the power of AI-ML

Cost Optimisation

  • Save up to 30% in total cost of Medical Supplies procurement
  • Optimise working capital cost by preventing overstocking and expiry of medical products

Smart Decision Making

  • Buy Medical Supplies timely, adequately and manage your inventory effectively
  • Improve your procurement planning process using structured, reliable and accurate data from VIZI

Operational Efficiency

  • Optimal stocking and usage of Medical Supplies by efficient inventory management, devoid of SKU wastage
  • Sufficient vital supplies and no stock-outs leading to timely and effective patient care

Explore VIZI

VIZI-Our proprietary AI-ML tool

Explore VIZI

VIZI-Our proprietary AI-ML tool

VIZI is your definitive one stop solution for a data based and planned medical supplies procurement. Medical establishments suffer from one persistent problem: unpredictability of consumption.

Due to this, Medical establishments either overstock or understock supplies resulting in capital blockage or medical case cancellations, both being detrimental to hospitals and patients as well.

AI in action

How VIZI works?


Upload your historic consumption data


VIZI analyses the data & generates projections


Download projections


Purchase supplies from your actionable purchase list

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