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Vizi The New-age AI and ML App Powered by Medikabazaar


Amazing Features

Improve Bottom line

Power of data science to optimize investment in medical supplies inventory

Zero loss of opportunity

Ensure availability and avoid surgical cases cancellation

Zero data entry

Simple process which doesn't require any data entry


Accurate Projections

Artificial Intelligence and ML technologies for accurate stock quantity projections

Highly Secured

No third party accessibility. Your data is safe with us

Actionable Purchase List

Streamline procurement of medical items


Our Solution

Your Dilemma

Large number of SKUs and unpredictable consumption is synonymous with medical supplies inventory. The result is huge losses on account of expiry, excess and shortage of stock.

Our Solution

With the all new Vizi application developed using AI and ML technologies, Medikabazaar aims to help hospitals and medical establishments with precise and error-free stock projections for a stipulated time period.

Start today! Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.


Our Pricing Plan


  • 12 Free Projections
  • Unlimited number of SKUs
  • Single User
  • One Time Training
  • Actionable Purchase List
  • Complimentary Discount Coupons worth Rs.5000
0 / Month




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